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Ten ways to save on catering costs

Ten ways to save on Catering costs

While having a pot luck dinner isn’t totally out of the question it may not be the route that you want to take. So here are some money saving tips to save you from getting “ taking for a ride” with your catering costs.

First and for most hiring a caterer isn’t always the best way to go there are many venues out there that have full kitchens and provide everything you need to have the perfect wedding, but if your dream wedding is out in nature on a beach or even in your own backyard then you’ll need to hire a caterer.

1. Always get everything in writing having a contract to look back on will always save you from getting over charged for things later on.

2. Get as many prices as you can look around at all different caterers don’t just go with the first on you meet. Taste test lots of different ones to see what one fits your taste and budget.

3. Skip the glassware costs by choosing one type of glass that will work well for all the drinks you plan on serving. This will save you on the rental fees and cut down the costs dramatically.

4. Opt for a small passed hors douvers at cocktail hour instead of manned stations that can be very pricey. Your guests will still get to eat drink and mingle but you’ll have a smaller bill at the end of the night.

5. Skip a few courses no one needs five courses after a cocktail party. Three will do just fine.

6. Go family style. You can save up to 20% when you serve platters of food on the table it saves on labor in the kitchen and that will show in your bill.

7. Save on the bar tab by only offering beer, wine , and 2 signature drinks. Or by not serving shots or drinks that use lots of different kinds of liquor

8. Save money and sober your guests up by closing the bar an hour early and serving creative coffee drinks instead.

9. Skip the champagne toast. Guest will toast with whatever drinks they have on hand it doesn’t have to be champagne.

10. Negotiate prices never settle for the first price they give you talk it out most of the time you can get a better price.

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