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The best ways to save money when planning a wedding.

The best ways to save money when planning a wedding.

Weddings have always been a very expensive affair. And for those of us on a budget it is hard to choose what we need versus what you have always dreamed about. The first thing you need to think about is what you cannot live without. If you have always wanted to have a five course meal then this is one thing that you should spend the bulk of your budget on. Don’t skimp out on your dreams just cut costs in other areas so that you can have your dreams come true.

If that five course meal is what you desire consider having your wedding on Friday or Sunday night instead of Saturday which can save you 10-20 percent. Sunday morning brunches and Thursday evening cocktail parties are becoming ever more popular with the budget conscious bride.

If that five course meal isn’t on your must have list then opt for a chef attended action station or buffet which can easily save you 20 to 30 percent off your total bill.

Flowers are another costly expense that you can save money on. If your dream wedding doesn’t include lush exotic roses from a island in the middle of the pacific then you can certainly save some money in the flower area without looking cheap. Potted flowers are a great way to save money and show off the colors of the season. Your guests will love the fact that they can take these centerpieces home and you can even add to the excitement by placing a special note under one chair at each table and that person gets the potted flower to take home, have your DJ make the announcement about this little surprise during the cake cutting and your guests will get very excited.

Wedding paper goods can cost you hundreds and hundreds of dollars instead of sending wedding invitations there are many free wedding sites that offer free wedding invitation emails. Guest receives a cute wedding invitation by email with a link to RSVP. At which point they can be directed to your wedding website with more information about your wedding including times, directions, wedding registry, and hotel accommodations. Sending these types of invitations can save you hundreds on both invitations and postage as well as time.

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