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Ideas on Bridal Shower Favors

For all girlfriends out there, bridal showers are one of the most anticipated party before the tying the knot in marriage. There are so many motifs and ideas on what are the bridal shower favors brides can give away on their party. The only thing that is important is that the bride should choose accordingly on what memento would best represent herself as a woman about to get married. Of course when choosing a memento, brides should also consider what would be the best reminder of the event for her friends and family making it last and memorable for all who came.

Now one idea that brides can consider is elegance. Elegance of a woman about to be married is undeniable. It represents grace and beauty that the groom will most likely remember throughout their lifetime as partners. There are bridal shower favors that represent elegance shared to all girlfriends and family on the bridal shower event. Some examples of these elegant bridal shower giveaways are personalized silver double heart key chain, personalized silver photo locket key chain, silver plated mini clutch bag compact mirror, elegantly designed compact mirrors, glass champagne, personalized shot glass, votive candle with personalized favor ribbon combo kit, personalized pink genuine leather flask, crystal figurine collection, elegant trinket boxes, classic perfume bottles and many more. These elegant bridal shower mementos can be personalized engraved with the bride’s name and date of the event making the bridal shower party unforgettable.

Another idea for a bridal shower favor would be something fun and useful. Bridal showers are fun and will be the last reminder of the days when the woman is still single. On this day, mementos should represent the fun of being single. Examples of something fun and useful are lip balms, handbag designed beauty kits, compact mirrors, personalized sewing kit, bottle openers, tote bags, designed pouches, and manicure set purse, cosmetic travel bags and many more. These useful bridal shower favors are indeed the best gifts and keepsakes for a bridal shower party being a reminder of a girl and what used to be free and fun.

One can also consider something unique and playful bridal shower mementos suitable for party girls and celebrating the night before marriage. Bridal shower is all about partying and having fun. So in fun bridal shower party night, what would be more appropriate memento but a unique and playful keepsake for all girlfriends and family? Some examples of unique and playful bridal shower mementos are bubbles combo kit wrapped in personalized lace ribbon, deck of playing cards with a personalized travel case, personalized mint tins, champagne bubbles, “Love Bug” ladybug magnets, Double Bubble Gumball Machine favors, Sweet Little Cupcake Design Lip Gloss favors, personalized strawberry jam, pocketbook hooks, personalized vanilla swirl lollipop, chocolate hearts and candy combo kit, French mints and candy combo kit and many more. These are simple yet unique gift and souvenir for those dear friends and family members who shared the bridal shower night making it more fun and unforgettable.

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