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Slimming Snack to get you in your Wedding dress


After the initial engagement excitement has worn down and the wedding planning has begun each bride goes through the struggle with trying to attain the wedding dress slim. Its totally normal and although we all know he loves you for who you are we all want to look our best on our wedding day. Many brides take it to the extreme skipping meals, popping pills, and even surgery to attain that wedding dress slim.


1. OATMEAL Breakfast is the most important meal of the day skipping it will only make you hungry. Eating a high fiber cereal like oatmeal will make you feel fuller longer.


2. WHOLE GRAIN CRACKERS WITH PEANUT BUTTER Carbs have been getting a bad reputation lately but eating good carbs can keep you feeling fuller longer so snack on some protein packed peanut butter on whole grain crackers instead of potato chips when that 2 o’clock feeling hits.


3. FRESH FRUIT Fresh fruit is low in calories and gives you the sweetness you crave, so the next time your sweet tooth is craving something sweet reach for a bowl of fresh berries or a berry pack smoothie instead.


4. GREENS I know you hear diet and you hear salad, I’m not saying every meal should be a salad instead try starting out each meal with a salad. The high fiber will fill you faster and help you to eat less. Or try swapping out the bread on your sandwich for a lettuce cup instead to get lots of leafy greens in your post wedding diet.


5. NUTS Aside from being a very heart healthy snack, nuts are very filling. They are packed wiuth protein and don’t let the high fat content scare you the fat in nu8ts is good for you fat.

6. DARK CHOCOLATE Dark chocolte is high in antioxidants and good for you. I’m not saying eat enire chocolate bar but having one small pice of dark choclote will help keep you diuet on track. Denying your self a special treat every once in a while will just lead to eating an entire tub of ice cream later on.


7. WATER Water is the most important thing you can do to keep your diet on track. Drinking water helps you feel fuller longer and keeps you from unnecessary snacking. Many times you may think you are hungry but really you are dehydrated.It also detoxifies your body and cleans you out.

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