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Creating the perfect wedding registry

Creating the perfect wedding registry

Once you get engaged you’ll be bombarded with many questions, when are you getting married, where are you getting married, and where are you registered. Getting your wedding registry started is very important your bridesmaids will need this information to put in the shower invitations and you’ll need it to add to your wedding cards and maybe even your save the dates.

There are many wedding plans that your groom would much rather not help with like picking flowers but this is one wedding plan that he will enjoy helping with. He will enjoy picking out items especially if you do it online and he doesn’t have to leave the house. See what important to him, he may have thought of things the two of you need that you never thought of like a new BBQ set or satin sheets.

Register at as many stores as you want, give your wedding guests lots of choices and lots of price ranges. Not everyone can afford the $400 dollar set of pots and pans but they maybe able to swing the great set of towels for $75.

A wedding registry isn’t just about kitchen gadgets and towels spend some time and create a honeymoon registry. You can ask for financial assistance or even extras during your honeymoon like massage packages and excursions.

Don’t forget to share your wedding registry nothing is more disheartening to find out that no one even knew you had a registry that they could have chosen off of especially if it had something that you really wanted. Imagine all the time you spent choosing the perfect items only to have forgotten to share the registry.

Most important is to say thank you. Get all your thank yous out from your shower with in 2 weeks and after the wedding be sure to send all thank yous with in a month of getting back from the honeymoon.

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