'Relax you're at the Beach' wall sign From Gifts By Fashioncraft®

'Relax you're at the Beach' wall sign From Gifts By Fashioncraft®

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Searching for that unique wall piece to add personality to your nautical home decor project? This sign will do the trick with its distressed look and fun message!

The sign is made from a combination of wood, metal and rope. It has a trendy distressed look and features the words 'Relax you're at the Beach' written in a variety of styles. The word 'Relax' is made from weathered metal. The words 'you're at the' are solid white letters and the word 'Beach' is crafted in a real rope design.

The sign can be easily hung on a wall using the two hooks on the back.

Thrill your clients when they come into your store looking for unique pieces for a nautical home decor project.

  • Size 25 x 10 3/4 x 1 1/4"
  • 'Relax You're at the Beach' wall sign
  • Made from metal, wood and rope
  • Distressed wood finish
  • Words - Relax you're at the Beach
  • Solid white letters on driftwood back
  • 'Beach' is made in a real rope design
  • Weathered metal attachment for the word 'Relax'
  • 2 hooks on the back for easy hanging
  • Individually packaged in a white box
  • A unique wall piece for any nautical home decor project!

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